Creating an awesome Year general


How has your year been?

Did you manage to achieve your goals you set out for the year? Or are you saying the year has passed by so fast and you have no idea what happened?

We have carefully structured our workshop to help you have an amazing year. The best way to start the year is not to wait for 1st January but to have your targets and goals set before the year ends. By doing so, you get to enjoy your New Year’s Eve party and after the fun-filled New Year’s countdown, you will be all set to kick start the year in full gear.


What happens in this workshop?

  • We will assist you to review your current year
  • You will gain a lot of insights which can help you craft a better year ahead in 2020

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to identify what is really important to you
  • How to set up yourself to win and have an awesome year in 2020
  • Learn the simplest way to set and achieve goals