How to Upgrade Your Lifestyle Without Ending Up Broke

Almost everyone loves the rich, wealthy lifestyle and almost everyone says “If only I had…. that much money or that car or that house, etc.” Not everyone really favors the rich lifestyle but at some point, we all want to live a comfortable life.
Here’s a short reflection on one of the areas of life – LIFESTYLE.

1) If you plan to live a certain way of life or upgrade your current lifestyle, then make decisions that are towards that.
Now, we are not saying that if you want to live a rich way of life, you should go ahead and buy all the premium, high-end things. That is just stupidity. You’ll look good for awhile until you realize that you’re actually broke! Eventually, you will have to sell back whatever you have had just to survive. That either brings you back where you were or takes you further down than where you started.

Instead, when wanting to live a certain lifestyle or upgrading your lifestyle, start with the small decisions that you have to make along the way. Make smart and wise decisions that will gradually bring you towards that kind of lifestyle you’re looking for. Many people make decisions based on their current life while wanting and hoping for a better life. Most of the time, these decisions are made based on fear and people end up “maintaining” their current state of life.

2) Life lets you experience the things you want and you don’t want
Sometimes, life lets you experience the worst kind of lifestyle based on your current lifestyle. At times, life gives you the opportunities to experience “what could have been.” This gives you an insight to the kind of lifestyle that you want and don’t want. This lets you know that you always have the choice to choose. And if you know what you don’t want but your current way of life doesn’t let you to have a better life now, then instead of pondering upon what “could have been”, it’s time to upgrade your life. Start by stop making excuses and coming up with reasons as to why you can’t have the kind of life you want. Again, start with baby steps.